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La Super Torta aims to bring together quality ingredients, spices, and flavours to you so that you have the best experience with Mexican food. Our food is authentic, fresh, vibrant, and delicious! We invite you to come and try our dishes, from our Tortas to our Tostadas, we’re sure you’ll leave with a huge smile on your face!

Tlayuda specialty


He tlayuda is native to the state of Oaxaca. It is regarded as iconic in the local cuisine, and can be found particularly around Oaxaca City. Tlayudas are also available in the center-south region of Mexico, such as Mexico City, Puebla, or Guadalajara.

The dinner plate-sized tortilla is either seared (usually on a comal) or charred on a grill. Refried beans are then applied, along with lard and vegetables, to serve as a base for the main ingredients. The rules for topping a tlayuda are not strict, and restaurants and street vendors often offer a variety of toppings, including "'tasajo" (cuts of meat typical of Central Valley of Oaxaca), chorizo, and cecina enchilada (thin strips of chili powder-encrusted pork). They may be prepared open-faced or folded in half.


The Burritos were nearly as big as our heads and what a great price for them!! The family that runs it was super friendly! Very clean, and cozy atmosphere.

Nicole P.

I am obsessed with their Nachos. I love this place so much I would rate them a 10/10! I also love their tacos and quesadillas! This is the place you should eat at!

Samantha M.

Literally most AMAZING and AUTHENTIC tacos I’ve ever had! The pastor was my favorite and their guac is soooo good. They were the only restaurant that answered our call on Cinco de Mayo and all I have to say it WOW this place is underrated. La Supertora you have a new regular customer!! Thank you!

Katie P.

Super Torta is amazing Been eating there for the last 6/7 years. Always clean. Delicious. Prices are pretty accessible. And recently broke an ankle and was wheel chair accessible as well. Things you don't notice unless you need. Restroom was clean and allowed the wheel chair and me plenty of room as well.

Marilyn A.

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